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Starting something new is challenging, not only is it daunting but the prospect of failure has never been a welcome one for me - yet that's what this whole project is about; not necessarily failure, but falling to get up again is seemingly the main objective. When I heard about the S.L.I.C.Cs (Student Led Independently Created Course) my immediate thought process was 'this will look great on my CV', mostly because my mind is so preoccupied with the future I often miss the present. And the present, the news of today, is terrifying - the Israeli/Palestinian conflict overwhelms every newspaper, social media platform and conversation since it first hit western media. 

This is a positive thing, we should feel outraged over the travesty and conflict that is occuring but our outrage is misdirected; in the sea of posts damning one side or the other for how they have treated the different populations, there has been a tidal wave of discriminatory attitudes from westerners towards the Middle East. This isn't unique, and that's where the problem lies.

Prejudice, xenophobia and racial discrimination are all prominent aspects of the political discourse we constantly see surrounding us. Even headlines from supposedly neutral newspapers play upon the implicit biases we all have, whether they're subconscious or conscious - and this has led me to ask why? Why have these attitudes always been around? What is the reason for them? Who perpetuates it? And finally, where do they come from? That final question is the question I want to initially answer, looking back to the foundations of modern western society and uncovering the real reason behind these views.

This is what this blog is all about, and why I started it. I wanted to be able to document my progress, research and different findings whilst simultaneously asking others what their opinions are and whether my conclusions seem legitimate. 

I'm going to structure each blog post with a subsequent question(s) to see whether the differing things I'm researching actually help in the long run.

Cornelius, Cort. The Lament of the Art of Painting. c. 1579.


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